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What You Should Know About Our Club

Can my daughter play another sport and also participate in club volleyball?

NSVBC understands the value of being a well-rounded athlete. We work with our athletes to make it possible to play other school sports. Open communication and understanding of schedules ASAP make it possible to limit conflicts. Your daughter will likely have to do some juggling with their scheudle but with advance planning and good communication with their coach it can be worked out.

Do I need to join USA Volleyball, and/or Badger Region Volleyball as a member of this club?

Yes. Each player must register with USAV and the Badger Region before becoming a NSVBC member. On SportEngine you can purchase the required membership for the current year. This is required to participate in any club activity including, tune-ups, tryouts, camps, and clinics.

Where do you practice?

NSVBC teams practice in the Deforest, Sun Prairie, and Waunakee areas. Our home facility is located in Leeds (N1485 Pribbenow Drive, Arlington, WI 53911-9752)

Do you have any resources for new families coming into club volleyball?

Yes. USA Volleyball put together a really nice Parent Guide to help you navigate the Club Volleyball world. If can be found here:

How do you select your players?

We hold tryouts - there are skill assessments for each skill. We offer spots to the best players. A spot could be given based on position played, the age of the team and need for that position. Attitude and coachability are final deciding factors if players are close in ability.

How is playing time allocated?

Playing time is determined based on practice and tournament performance, tournament need, and player position.

If we are trying out for another club and will be late to North Star tryouts, can we still be considered for the team we are trying out for?

YES! We ask that you let us know if you plan to be late for tryouts so we know what we are looking for when your child arrives.

Do you publish team tournament schedules prior to tryouts?

Most tournament dates are not posted or known at the time of tryouts. Typically, North Star sets up their play schedule after most tournaments are posted around mid-December and the expected availability of the selected players on each team is known.

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