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U10-U14 Tune Ups

  Harvest Intermediate School  

  • Tuesday, Sept. 26   7:15-9:00pm 

  • Thursday, Sept. 28  7:15-9:00pm 

  • Tuesday, Oct. 03     7:15-9:00pm 

  • Thursday, Oct. 05   7:15-9:00pm 
        U10-U14  7:15-9:00pm         

U15-U18 Tune Ups

    DeForest HS Field House  

  • Thursday, Nov. 02   7:00-9:00pm 

  • Monday, Nov. 06     7:00-9:00pm 

  • Tuesday, Nov. 07     8:00-9:30pm 

  • Thursday, Nov. 09   8:00-9:30pm 

Tryout Tune Up Sessions:   Tune up sessions are INCLUDED with your PAID tryout fee. 
If your child is registered for tryouts she is welcome to attend the tune up sessions for her age group.

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