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ACES & STARS Program







Why an ACES/STARS Program? At North Star, we believe in creating volleyball opportunities for every skill level and truly do not want to discourage a child from pursuing a passion for our favorite sport.  Our ACES/STARS Teams will be run as "IN HOUSE" teams and a lot like a camp/clinic.  With this structure, we are able  provide the opportunity to most amount of players and help to provide a positive and productive environment for our community to be involved in.


What is the ACES/STARS Program? These North Star programs are designed to create opportunities for athletes who are starting out and developing within the sport of volleyball.  Most ACES/STARS Teams are made up of athletes who do not receive an offer from another club or have been evaluated by North Star and placed in the program for further development.


Who Coaches the ACES/STARS Program? These North Star programs will be coached by multiple coaches within our club.  Each week, a new coach will provide great drills and feedback to our ACES/STARS participants.

Practices: The ACES & STARS practices will be scheduled 1.5hrs/one night a week. Aces will run from October to February.  Stars will run from November to March. 

Scrimmages: There will be scrimmages scheduled starting in December.  Scrimmages will be scheduled at least 1x per month.  We will scrimmage other North Star Teams as well as other club teams upon availability.  Parents will be encouraged to come and watch!

Tournaments: At this time, there will be no tournaments scheduled for our ACES & STARS Teams.

ACES & STARS Team Fees: (Fees include ONE Athlete per Team)

Regional Team Athlete Tryouts Fee: $45 –  One tryout fee covers the option to attend one both tryout days, 2 Tune Up Practice clinics and a Tryout T-Shirt**A Call Back may be asked of individual athletes and will be communicated immediately to parents

ACES & STARS Team Athlete Fee: $495 - This fee covers one athlete for a wide variety of costs during the 5 month season; including but not limited to: players’ jerseys & warm-up, gym rentals, scrimmages, coaches' pay, volleyball equipment, coaches’ certifications - USAV, SafeSport & Impact training, player/ref clinic  *Payment Installment Plans Available for Team Fees

***All Participants must have a current USAV membership to participate in club tryouts and team events***

NSVBC Mission Statement

North Star Volleyball Club is building a volleyball community through Intention, Commitment, Focus, Intensity and all around Growth Mindset.  Our Athletes’ physical, mental and emotional progress is at the forefront of each decision made within the Club’s capacity.  Our Organization will promote continuous learning through open communication, feedback and guided resources to help our young Athletes build strong fundamentals for everlasting success both on and off the volleyball court.

FAQ's and Answers

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