NSVBC Mission Statement

North Star Volleyball Club is building a volleyball community through Intention, Commitment, Focus, Intensity and all around Growth Mindset.  Our Athletes’ physical, mental and emotional progress is at the forefront of each decision made within the Club’s capacity.  Our Organization will promote continuous learning through open communication, feedback and guided resources to help our young Athletes build strong fundamentals for everlasting success both on and off the volleyball court.

17s Blue Team
Mike Miller

Hi everyone! I'm coach Mike. I have been the Club Director and Head Coach for NSVC for the past 10 years. I learned to love the sport playing on the sandy shores of California in my youth. I played in High School and then on various adult leagues over the years. My 3 girls also love this great sport - all played 6+ years of school & club vball - and are now coaching teams of their own. I've met so many great players, families, coaches, and made so many great memories and I look forward to more each year! My coaching philosophy is to create a positive and challenging environment where players are excited to give 100% each practice to reach their individual and team goals. Where players feel confident that their coach and teammates have their back through the highs and the lows. Everyone putting the team first, choosing to have a great attitude, always giving 100%, leaving everything on the court and having a blast

Club Director & Head Coach

Lauren T. Bentel

Hello Athletes and Parents!  Some of my most favorite humans, including my daughters, call me Coach Lauren.  This 2020-21 Season will be my 9th year coaching the AWESOME sport of volleyball. My passion for the sport sprouted in High School and continues to blossom today. Coaching, organizing, playing and learning volleyball is what I want to do when I grow up.  I'm blessed to be a part of North Star and look forward to every challenge as all those 'struggles' reap such GREAT rewards!  My coaching philosophy includes: commitment, intensity, resilience, growth and intention.  I never want to be an Athlete's 'last coach'.  Cultivating and sharing my passion for the sport and modeling all the benefits of being an athlete on a team is very important to me.  Some days we succeed, some days we fail, but the price of growing is learning to be comfortable when uncomfortable.  We will always continue to learn!

Now, let's get on the court and PLAY!

Asst. Club Director & Head Coach

Coach Mike
Coach Lauren
14s Blue Team
Jane Miller

I’ve playing volleyball since I was 13. I have been a coach for 6 years and this will be my 4th year as a head coach. I love trying new things, finding new music and being outside when I can.


My coaching philosophy is to have a team that works well together while also continuing to improve their individual skills all season. I want my team to feel solid in every skill, and be able to perform under pressure. Finally, I want my girls to create lasting friendships and become more confident in their volleyball career and in life.

Head Coach

Coach Jane
Todd Endres

Coaching philophsy is pretty simple:


Have fun and enjoy your time on the court

Build a team culture - for me that includes families

Build team trust

Repeat # 1 - Have fun......

And if they learn some volleyball along the way, that is a bonus.

Head Coach

Courtney Gamer

Head Coach

This will be my second year coaching for North Star Volleyball Club. I spent 3 years as a player for the club and am grateful to have the opportunity to coach. Outside of volleyball, I spend my time as a Curriculum Director for a local childcare center. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Environmental Studies. I am looking forward to starting a career in Environmental Education.My coaching philosophy centers strongly around having a growth mindset. I assess my team and players, as well as my coaching on a daily basis and use these performance observations to guide us towards the improvement needed to become skilled volleyball players, physically and mentally. My coaching style is exceedingly holistic. Everything is connected; each members’
ethics, efforts, skills, attitudes, intensity, consistency, discipline and more determine the success we can have as a team. As a volleyball team, we have the opportunity to
foster strong connections and create an environment where everyone can have a positive experience with the incredible sport of volleyball!

Coach Todd
Coach Courtney
Missy Hartwig

Hello, I am coach Missy Hartwig.  This will be my 5th year coaching girls grades 6-12.  I have been playing volleyball since age 8!  During my youth I played for many AAU teams out of St. Louis, MO. placing 3rd in nationals.  After winning several state tournaments in High School, I continued play through college on an athletic scholarship to Southern Illinois University as an outside hitter.  Volleyball has always been a part of my life and where I have made lifelong friendships.  I am now happy to share it with my family whether it is going to tournaments in the winter watching my daughters play, or playing with family on our new grass court in our backyard.  My coaching philosophy is to be a positive role model and teach the girls to respect themselves so that they can respect others.  Learning how to work with different teams by communication, hard work and responsibilities will result in a fun, memorable, and successful season gaining lifelong friendships.  I will also work to build players’ skill levels by getting many touches on the ball and monitoring multisport athletes by teaching them to take care of themselves to prevent injury.

Head Coach

Coach Missy
15s Blue Team
Scott Weigman

Hello!  I'm coach Scott.  I've been coaching for Northstar for 5 years and also was a volunteer coach for 2 years for DeForest HS in various summer leagues.  I learned to play while in college and have played in various adult power indoor and sand leagues around the Madison area for the past 20+ years.  My daughter was also a player and coach for Northstar and is currently playing at a D3 college in Illinois.  I love to learn new drills that she's been trained in college which I can incorporate into Northstar practices.  I enjoy the game of volleyball and love to pay it forward by teaching the game and getting the chance to meet so many great kids and parents.  


Coaching philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is to create a positive and fun environment where kids are excited to come to practice, learn, and give 100%.  I want to teach kids to work hard and have a great attitude to be the best volleyball player and teammate they can be.

Assistant Coach

Coach Scott
Coach Ally
Katia Tumarkin

I’m Katia Tumarkin, this will be my first year coaching and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to Co-Coach this season! I’ve had a passion for the game since I was young, and started playing for a team as soon as it was offered at my school. After joining the school team I saw my love for the sport grow and I decided to take my volleyball career further by starting club volleyball. I played 3 Years of club ball. I have played as a right side, outside, and DS; my favorite and most played position is right side hitter. I am a senior at Waunakee High School and I plan on continuing my education in college next year. My hopes for this upcoming season are to help all of the girls get to know themselves better as volleyball players, and help them develop into stronger athletes. My coaching philosophy is to come to practice as a team, to keep each other positive, set goals for each other, and push each other to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I can’t wait for the season to start, and to watch how much the girls will accomplish. .

Co - Head Coach

Coach Sam
Hannah Miller

I’m Hannah!

I have played volleyball since the 7th grade and I played all throughout high school including my senior year which I was the team captain. I have 3 years of coaching under my belt and I love to help athletes sharpen their ability and increase their love for the sport. I am a junior at UW Madison, studying environmental studies and conservation methods. My coaching philosophy is about understanding the unique ability of each player and designing practices and lineups that helps our team reach its full potential. I like to create and environment of mutual respect which allows athletes to feel comfortable coming forward with any questions and concerns they may have. Pushing athletes to improve is always a priority while also acknowledging that players should have fun and enjoy practice. 



Assistant Coach

Coach Hannah
Coach Sophia
Coach Chris
Coach John
Coach Crystal
Coach Amber