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Calling College Coaches

What to Ask on A Phone Call with College Coaches

The earlier you start the relationship and communication with a coach, the more time you will have to make the best decision possible.

Ask questions that are important to you and ones a coach can answer. Do not waste time on questions you can find online or the brochures such as: “How many students attend your school?” Make the most of your opportunity to develop a real relationship with a coach, and to determine if this school is a good academic, athletic and social fit.

Feel free to ask coaches about themselves and get to know the person as well as the coach.

Academics are the most important part of the process. Here are some questions to get you thinking about what you could ask a college coach:

  • What are the admission requirements for an athlete?

  • Can the application fee be waived for athletes?

  • What are some of the most popular majors for athletes on your team?

  • Will my specific major interfere with the athletic schedule?

  • Do your players graduate in four years?

  • Does your team have a full-time academic advisor?

Athletics and Recruiting

  • What is your recruiting timeline? Have you offered scholarships to others in my class? Have any other athletes in my class accepted the offers?

  • How many players will you be recruiting at my position?

  • Where will you be recruiting this season?

  • What does the training program consist of at your school?

  • Is there a good time for me to visit your school?

Unless a coach brings up the subject, a prospect should never ask if he or she will receive a scholarship during an initial conversation. But you can still gauge scholarship possibilities at that school:

  • How many scholarships do you have available for my class?

  • What types of academic scholarships are available? What about other sorts of grants and aid?

  • Would an athlete need to apply before a scholarship is offered?

  • What would happen if an athlete with a scholarship offer got injured?

Social and Cultural Fit

  • What is the relationship like between players on the team? How much time do they spend together off the court?

  • What is the housing situation like? Do teammates typically live together?

  • Do student-athletes stay on campus during the summer?

  • Is it possible to work part-time in addition to playing a sport and studying?

  • MY FAVORITE: What are your core values as a coach, and how do you incorporate them into your program?

Finish by asking the coach:

  • “When can we speak again?” or “Is there anything I can provide you that will help you further evaluate me?”

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